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Expert digital consultancy and automated lead generation services

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Digital Consultancy and Execution of AI and Automated Lead Generation and Sales Services

At SCC, we specialize in providing digital consultancy services and executing AI and automated lead generation and sales strategies. Our team leverages platforms such as Google, Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest ads to drive targeted traffic to your business. Through our in-house platform DAIS, we offer comprehensive solutions that include paid advertisement services, custom funnel pages, workflow automations, GPT Gener8 qualification, and more

Acquisition Flow: All-in-One Client Generation Package

With our Acquisition Flow package, we provide businesses with a comprehensive solution to generate leads, convert prospects, and close deals efficiently. Our package includes paid advertisement services across various platforms, custom funnel pages tailored to your business, workflow automations to streamline processes, and optional upgrades like GPT Gener8 qualification and access to DAIS, our all-in-one marketing and AI platform

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GPT Gener8: AI-Trained Marketing and Sales Bots

At SCC, we offer GPT Gener8, AI fully trained marketing and sales bots that utilize your business input to support, prospect, or close opportunities, saving you both time and money. We will build and implement one of our Gener8 bots, leveraging advanced AI technology. These bots provide personalized and efficient interactions with your potential customers, optimizing lead generation and sales processes

DAIS: All-in-One Marketing and AI Platform

DAIS is our SaaS-based all-in-one marketing and AI platform. DAIS provides businesses with a wide range of marketing tools and advanced AI capabilities to enhance their marketing strategies. The platform offers features like campaign management, data analytics, lead nurturing, and workflow automation. With DAIS, businesses can efficiently and effectively level up their digital marketing efforts

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